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Capture and share knowledge to boost employee productivity and drive collaboration.


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Why use AnswerHub?

Capture & share knowledge.

AnswerHub gives your team a single place to capture Q&A vital to getting the job done, and share information so that it's always accessible.

With ideation and knowledge base plug-ins, you can propose and track the progress of ideas, or build a living knowledge base for your customers and partners.


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Drive engagement with gamification, expert identification, and in-app notifications.

Engage & inform.

Recognize and reward knowledge sharing with built-in gamification.

Follow topics and get updates with in-app notifications.

Find the best answer quickly with automatic expert identification and question routing.


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Manage, administer, & analyze.

Advanced moderation, role-based permissions, and advanced site analytics give you the tools you need to launch, manage, and build your online community.

Track the health of your community with advanced analytics.
Customize and scale AnswerHub to fit any size or type of organization

Customize to your heart's content.

Customize AnswerHub to look and function any way you like with advanced theming and plug-in engines. Integrate with your other services with AnswerHub's REST API. 


With air-tight security and scalability from 30 users to millions, AnswerHub is made for enterprise teams. AnswerHub can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

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“AnswerHub has enabled our community to become extremely self-sufficient and has created a more powerful user experience.”


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