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For external developer communities.

Engage with 3rd party developers to drive revenue and reduce support costs.


For internal developer communities.

Capture and share knowledge to boost productivity and drive collaboration among your enterprise developers.

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Our Process to Effective Knowledge Sharing

Assemble your knowledge-sharing taskforce

Step 1: Assemble Your Knowledge-Sharing Taskforce.

Make knowledge sharing a core component of your company culture and customer experience.

Capture Your Knowledge

Step 2: Capture Your Knowledge.

Document and capture questions, answers, and feedback in an easily accessible, centralized location.

Organize and curate collected knowledge

Step 3: Organize and Curate Collected Knowledge.

Categorize knowledge by topic and monitor content to ensure only relevant and quality posts are published in the community.

Put your knowledge to work

Step 4: Put Your Knowledge to Work.

Use one answer to serve the needs of current and future customers and avoid duplicate questions or unhelpful answers.

Measure the impact

Step 5: Measure the Impact.

Monitor content relevancy and update knowledge as needed to meet customer needs and expectations.

Evaluate and evolve strategy

Step 6: Evaluate and Evolve Strategy.

Assess content effectiveness and grow community content to address new user needs, customer interests, and industry trends.

Why use AnswerHub?

Capture and share knowledge

Capture & Share Knowledge

Document and share knowledge critical to success.

Engage and inform

Engage & Inform

Follow topics, route questions, and reward contributions.

Administer and Moderate

Administer & Moderate

Effectively monitor content quality and user engagement.



Assess community health with powerful analytics.


Manage your community’s complete look and feel.



Easily integrate with other important business tools.

Reddin Case Study

“AnswerHub has enabled our community to become extremely self-sufficient and has created a more powerful user experience.”


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