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7 Deadly Sins of Failed Online Communities

Mar 19, 2014 2:03:00 PM

Online communities are a great way for organizations to communicate and share knowledge both inside the office and with their customers. Problems often arise, however, when communities fall victim to some common issues that range from not putting someone in charge to launching a community devoid of content.

As the Customer Success Manager at AnswerHub, I am dedicated to making sure our customers succeed when launching their AnswerHub platforms. So I created a whitepaper designed to alert you to what we call the “7 Deadly Sins of Failed Online Communities” and how to avoid them.

  1. Having a Weak Community Manager, Or Worse, None At All
  2. Community managers are responsible for monitoring the health of an online community. In order to have a strong community, a manager needs to be proactive in collecting and analyzing data.
  3. Not Using Pre-populated Content During Launch
  4. Seeding content prior to going public allows users to better understand the benefits the community provides.
  5. Failure to Create Awareness Before Launch
  6. Building anticipation around your new community, and providing education about its use, will drive users to actively engage at launch.

Download the eBook to read the rest and learn how to avoid these deadly sins.

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Sara Jane Kauffmann

Written by Sara Jane Kauffmann

Sara Jane Kauffman is the Director of Customer Care at DZone Software. Sara Jane is a proud graduate of the University of Missouri where she received her degree in Marketing. She began working at DZone Software in 2013 as a Customer Success Manager and has since played a pivotal role in new customer onboarding and training. Sara Jane focuses on ensuring each customer achieves a significant return on and feels successful with their DZone Software investment. In her free time, Sara Jane enjoys traveling and hiking.