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Greg Zakowicz

With more than a decade of experience in email, mobile and social media marketing, Zakowicz stays on top of the latest trends by leveraging deep insight into the marketing spectrum. His subject matter expertise stems from his experience providing retailers, including numerous Internet Retailer Top 1000 clients, with in-depth analysis of their marketing programs, recommendations for improvement, and implementation guidance and execution. He is a frequent speaker and writer on the industry and is the host of the award-winning Commerce Marketer Podcast.

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How Gmail Addresses Impact Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

By Greg Zakowicz on Nov 12, 2018 8:45:00 AM

Are you one of the 1.2 billion users who have a Gmail account? I am. In fact, I have multiple Gmail accounts. Like most people who have multiple accounts, each account serves a different purpose. For example, one is strictly for personal communications, while another is used for business purposes like email newsletter signups, registrations, and whitepaper downloads. 

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