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DZone Inc. Announces Name Change to Devada

Sep 17, 2018 12:24:13 PM

DURHAM, N.C., Sept 17, 2018 – This week, DZone Inc., provider of online communities that empower developers, announced that it is changing its company name to Devada. The rebranding also coincides with the company’s move into its new headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC. Devada_Logo_LI4

Matty Headshot“The Devada name embraces our focus on putting developers first,” said Matt Tormollen, CEO at Devada. “It also allows us to fully highlight our media and software offerings DZone.com and AnswerHub.”

About Devada

Devada is committed to empowering developers. DZone.com is visited by millions of developers each month to learn and share insights and best practices on technologies. Its cloud-based software solution, AnswerHub, allows companies of all sizes to positively engage developers via the vibrant communities we enable. Founded by developers for developers in 2005, Devada is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC. More information is available at devada.com.

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