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Leveraging the Power of Community: Unity Answers

Jun 25, 2013 10:22:00 AM

One of the greatest benefits of having a knowledge-sharing site is the strength of the community that populates your site. Knowledge management tools like AnswerHub encourage users to be creative and active in the community, awarding them with custom badges, reputation points and even moderation privileges.

Unity, the creator of Unity3D: one of the world’s most popular platforms for video game and interactive 3D media development, leverages AnswerHub to provide users with a dedicated self-support site, Unity Answers. Since converting from traditional forums to an AnswerHub Q&A site two years ago, Unity’s community has grown by 700% to over 100,000 active registered users, making it one of the largest public Q&A sites supported by AnswerHub.

Recently, one of Unity's top contributors introduced some extra functionality to the Unity Answers site, including:

  • Links to YouTube videos will be automatically embedded in questions/answers/comments
  • An advanced questions tab
  • A “reject & send default message” button for the moderation queue
  • A simple notepad that will save text/notes for you directly on the page
  • A customizable theme/look for Unity Answers

Here is an example of the notepad for saving text/notes directly on the page, highlighted in red:


The user also returned a week later with an additional feature allowing users to "highlight a word and check if it is in the unity documentation. If the word is found it will turn into a link to the specific documentation page and if the term is not found in the database a window will appear that lets you add the new term and the link to it's documentation page. This is basically meant to make it easier to quickly access information on a specific term, without having to type it into a search engine."


So how can you build a powerful community like Unity? It's actually easier than you might think.

AnswerHub provides you with all the tools and features you need to create an interactive community where users share knowledge to increase productivity and improve information distribution. You can start by creating a custom theme that matches your organizations branding and feels like an extension of your current site.

Next, you can customize AnswerHub's gamification system, which includes reputation points along with awards and badges that users receive for participation within your community. You can create/alter badges to drive the actions you want to see your users complete, including asking questions, voting on other users content, providing excellent answers and much more.

To help moderate your community, AnswerHub allows you to automatically grant moderation privileges to users who achieve a certain reputation score. Unity has actually brought several of their top contributors on full-time because of the quality of information they provided and their dedication to helping other users.

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Chris Smith

Written by Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a Production Advisor at DZone Software and is a big fan of “Tech-knowledgey”. Chris is going on year five with DZone and can’t wait to see what the future of knowledge sharing brings!