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Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Enlist your superfans to engage with community members peer-to-peer, creating a many-to-many support structure, making case deflection a breeze.

Ideas & Feedback

Enable customers to submit ideas, vote & add comments to innovate directly from your community. Poll your users to get impromptu feedback on preferences. If you're building a community of creators and builders, you need ideation.
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Value Analytics

Understand what your users are searching for and if they are getting responses & solutions within your defined SLAs. If you're building a data-driven community, you need analytics.
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Extensible API & SDK

With our API first approach, build your own Themes, Plugins, and Integrations with a fully functional API and a set of SDK libraries. Make AnswerHub uniquely your own and tailor it to your community architecture.
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Expert Identification

Let the software engine identify the experts for the topics in your community so you can engage them with bounty boards to drive user growth, building a strong team of advocates.
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Expert User Generated Content

Attract and retain users, building trust by providing expert user generated content. Drive engagement and create advocates for your company and products.

“It’s not just about an increase in membership — the goal is to have an engaged community and ours is very active.”

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Q&A Community
Q&A Community