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Community Moderation Services

AnswerHub moderation services allow you to focus on the overall community strategy and leading your teams to contribute great content, while we keep the community healthy, organized, and friendly. Our moderation team does more than monitor your community – we ensure that content within your community is easy to find, aligns with your guidelines and that your members feel encouraged to participate.

  Interacting with the community to encourage participation and recognizing engagements.

  Providing weekly reports to internal stakeholders on community activity and engagement.

  Managing basic community settings and permissions.

  Escalating posts that need attention.

  Routing content to SMEs or staff.

Custom Engineering

It’s your community – customize it! AnswerHub’s Professional Services Team will work with you to make your community stand out, on a per project basis or annual, tiered offering. Common customization include: 

  SSO integrations

  New content types

  Theme customization

  User profile customizations

  New badges

  Email template customizations

  Workflow customizations

  And more

DZone Software Custom Engineering

“It has been a pleasure working with AnswerHub. Whether productively collaborating to finalize requirements, or reacting promptly to issues, the team is professional through and through.”


Specialized Customer Communities

Eurordis Custom User Profile

Custom user profile


Custom content type

Safe Software Custom Landing Page

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