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Send a question posted inAnswerHubto a Slack stream.

Integrate with HipChat

Atlassian HipChat

When new questions are posted to AnswerHub a notification is pushed to the HipChat rooms that correlate with that topic.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Integrate a Google Analytics tracking code into your community for increased metrics and insight.


Integrate with HubSpot


Easily track when a user takes specific actions on an AnswerHubcommunity site inHubSpot.

Integrate with Parature

Parature, from Microsoft

Crowdsource customer support and help users find answers without the hassle of phone calls and multiple support tickets.

Integrate with Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) 

Enjoy single sign-on across mobile, web and desktop.AnswerHubcan accommodate many SSO configurations including cookie-based, SAML, OpenID, LDAP, Active Directory, and Crowd.


Need Custom Integrations?

Ask us about building a custom integration with our professional services team.