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Send a question posted inAnswerHubto a Slack stream.

Integrate with HipChat

Atlassian HipChat

When new questions are posted to AnswerHub a notification is pushed to the HipChat rooms that correlate with that topic. (must be cloud hosted)

Integrate with Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Integrate a Google Analytics tracking code into your community for increased metrics and insight.


Integrate with HubSpot


Easily track when a user takes specific actions on an AnswerHubcommunity site inHubSpot.


Need Custom Integrations?

Ask us about building a custom integration with our professional services team.

Integrate with Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) 

Enjoy single sign-on across mobile, web & desktop.AnswerHubworks with many SSO configurations including cookie-based, SAML, OpenID, LDAP, and more.