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The AnswerHub advantage.


Boost developer output.

Recover hours of lost time with collaborative knowlege sharing.


Break down silos.

Efficiently communicate and collaborate to achieve goals.


Discover new ideas.

Bring your developers together to brainstorm and collaborate.


Preserve developer knowledge.

Ensure valuable knowledge doesn't walk out the door.

AnswerHub internal developer communities create value across your entire organization.



Reap the rewards of increased employee productivity and collaboration.

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Use collective knowledge and shared insights to propel your product forward.

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Human Resources

Give employees the knowledge and answers they need to maximize success.

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Sales & Marketing

Combine forces to develop strategies, generate leads, and close deals.

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Boost developer output.

Capture proprietary and tribal knowledge to improve employee productivity and speed time-to-market.

KDP Empower

Maximize your workday.

Ask and answer questions without scheduling a meeting or waiting for an email response. 

Succeed with shared knowledge. 

Reference shared knowledge to prevent inefficiencies and avoid duplicate questions.

Complete projects faster.

Reference knowledge base articles and Q&A to successfully finish more tasks, faster. 

Break down silos.

Create a company culture that supports collaboration, no matter an employee's department or location.

KDP Conversation

Drive engagement.

Keep conversations on-going and frequent to drive collaboration, ideation, and innovation.

Increase satisfaction. 

Improve retention by giving employees the opportunity to share ideas and feedback.

Establish transparency.

Create a work environment where all employees have a voice. 

Discover new ideas.

Gives employees one place to ask and answer questions, collaborate on projects, and brainstorm ideas with big potential. 

KDP Ideas

Competitive advantage.

Bring your brightest employees together to develop fresh, innovative ideas. 

Leverage experts. 

Identify knowledegable employees with a passion for helping others grow and succeed.

Reward participation. 

Recognize quality contributions and encourage others to actively engage.

Preserve developer knowledge.

Avoid the high costs of knowledge loss by documenting the knowledge critical to success and competitive advantage. 

KDP Knowledge

Faster onboarding.

Get employees up and running faster with captured knowledge vital to success. 

Prevent knowledge loss. 

Document knowledge and processes to avoid damage to your organization's bottom line.

Reduce tribal knowledge.

Uncover hidden knowledge and make it easily accessible to other internal stakeholders. 

DZone Software

“With AnswerHub, one answer can feed a multitude of people; with the Hortonworks community, ‘how-to’ questions are answered without the need to find the person who knows the answer."


AnswerHub integrates with all your favorite tools.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enjoy single sign-on across mobile, web and desktop.AnswerHubcan accommodate many SSO configurations out of the box, including SAML, OpenID, LDAP, Active Directory, ADFS and Crowd.


Crowdsource customer support and help users find the right answers without the hassle of phone calls and multiple support tickets.

Integrate with Hipchat
Atlassian HipChat

When new activity is posted to AnswerHub, a notification is pushed to the Hipchat rooms that correlate with that topic.


Send a question posted in AnswerHub to a Slack stream.

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  SSO integrations

  Content types

  User profiles


  Email templates 


  And more

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