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The AnswerHub advantage.


Deflect more cases.

Resolve more cases without adding headcount. 


Nurture deeper relationships.

Build brand loyalty and maximize lifetime customer value.


Discover your champions.

Give experts and advocates the recognition they deserve.


See the big picture.

Access analytics to proactively spot product and market trends.

AnswerHub external developer communities help drive business results throughout your entire organization.


Create a win/win for your customers and organization.

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Take the headache out of your day with fewer tickets and happier customers.

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Product Management

Listen to continuous customer feedback to make informed product improvements.

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Gain accurate insights into the needs and wants of your target audience.

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Account Management

Engage customers to increase satisfaction and improve retention.

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Gauge product quality and performance directly from your users.

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Deflect more cases.

Use shared knowledge and community connections to resolve support issues before they become problems that hinder customer success.


Case deflection.

Gain hours back for your support team by proactively helping your customers.

Common problems, solved.

Archive knowledge to speed time-to-answer and prevent duplicate questions.

Connected community.

Encourage customers to build relationships to solve problems, share knowledge, and learn.

Nurture deeper relationships.

Community engagement strengthens customer relationships — dig below surface-level interactions and get to know your customers.


Boost engagement.

Keep conversations on-going and frequent with your customers for a valuable relationship.

Exceed customer expectations.

Deliver an efficient support experience that turns issues into opportunities.

Answers when they need them.

Supply your customers with solutions they can depend on.

Discover your champions.

Identify experts in your community and reward quality contributions to build brand advocacy.

KDS Champions

Leverage experts.

Identify the right people with the right knowledge to support your community.

Reward participation.

Recognize quality contributions and encourage others to actively engage.

Encourage brand advocacy.

Transform the customer support experience into a powerful lead generation tool.

See the big picture.

Become an industry leader by identifying market trends and gaining unique insight into your customer base.

KDS Analytics

Continuous feedback.

Give customers the opportunity to share their ideas and suggest areas for improvement.

Powerful insights.

Tap the pulse of your customer base to identify their needs and wants.

Competitive advantage.

Rise above the rest by making informed decisions to evolve your business.

AnswerHub integrates with all your favorite tools.
Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enjoy single sign-on across mobile, web and desktop. AnswerHub can accommodate many SSO configurations out of the box, including SAML, OpenID, LDAP, Active Directory, ADFS and Crowd.


Crowdsource customer support and help users find the right answers without the hassle of phone calls and multiple support tickets.

Integrate with Hipchat
Atlassian HipChat

When new activity is posted to AnswerHub, a notification is pushed to the Hipchat rooms that correlates with that topic.


Send a question posted in AnswerHub to a Slack stream.

Ask our Professional Services team about custom:


  SSO integrations

  Content types

  User profiles


  Email templates 


  And more

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Reddin Case Study

“With AnswerHub, developers can easily post questions, route questions to topic experts, and find answers without submitting a support ticket. This has enabled our community to become extremely self-sufficient."


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