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Why Use OSQA?

Living FAQ

Living FAQ for basic community-based product support 

Basic Q&A Communities

Basic Q&A communities

Startups and New Sites

Small projects where "free" is more important than functionality

Go Beyond Basic Q&A with AnswerHub

AnswerHub for Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration & Ideation

Capture knowledge, foster ideas, identify experts, and boost productivity.

AnswerHub for Customer Support

Customer Self-Service Portals

Cut support costs and improve satisfaction by giving customers a place to ask questions and find the answers they are looking for...24/7.

AnswerHub for Robust Q&A Communities

Privately Managed Q&A Sites

Facilitate knowledge sharing in a question and answer format that is familiar for technical teams.

See All That AnswerHub Has To Offer

AnswerHub Is The Clear Choice

Ideal for Enterprises & Growing Teams

AnswerHub scales from 30 users to millions to fit the needs of a growing community.

Full Customization 

AnswerHub is fully customizable through advanced theming and plugins and integrates easily through REST API.

Advanced Community Management 

Advanced moderation, role-based user permissions, content spaces, and advanced analytics help manage and grow community.

Full Support

Phone, email, and online, community-based support is included.



For Small Sites and Projects

OSQA offers basic Q&A for small projects where "free" is more important than functionality.

No Customization

OSQA includes one stock theme and does not include plugin support.


Limited Community Management 

OSQA offers limited moderation and management. Admins can access a control panel to approve and delete content.

No Professional Support

OSQA has online, community-based support only.

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